Parents Fight Doctors' Refusal to Treat Terminally Ill Girl

The parents of a 6-year-old girl with a terminal illness are battling England's National Health Service for the right to keep their daughter alive, the Daily Mail reported.

Amber Hartland suffers from the disease, Infantile Tay-Sachs, which occurs when harmful quantities of a fatty acid derivative called a ganglioside accumulate in the nerve cells of the brain. It is almost always fatal.

She is currently being treated for a chest infection brought on by the genetic disorder, but doctors told her parents, Nick and Lesley Hartland, that this might be the last time they treat her, according to the report.

Doctors at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff believe the suffering caused by treatment outweighs the benefits.

Amber's parents have accused the hospital of wanting to "play God,” and believe it is more concerned about the cost of treatment -- estimated at $4,982 a month -- than prolonging her life.

The NHS trust is awaiting a court's ruling on whether treatment should continue or be stopped.

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