The Kentucky Derby Meets Speed Racer

The world of racehorse training just took one giant leap into the future.

Roush Technologies, in collaboration with Turkish-based Kurt Systems, introduced a mobile trainer capable of monitoring racehorses at speeds up to 37.2 mph.

Known for its engineering work on automobiles including the Ford Mustang, Roush developed the futuristic three-seater horse-training vehicle with a design similar to that of a motorized horse and carriage. As the horse gallops, the vehicle, which is mounted behind the horse, keeps pace, collecting data and analyzing the horse's progress.

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Weighing roughly 4 tons, the trainer features a computerized heart, blood, oxygen and fitness-monitoring system. To simulate the presence of a jockey, Roush also included a hydraulically controlled silicon saddle and electronically controlled reins.

"The Kurt equine trainer program is an unusual but powerful example of the diverse engineering capability which exists within our company," said Andrew Williams, Roush executive chairman.

"Here is a commissioned project for an overseas-based world leader in its field, coming to Roush for its ability to follow through a concept upwards development through to pre-production product maturity."

Kurt Systems' general manager, Danielle Camuffo, hopes the training apparatus will become the standard for high-level horse-training.

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