5 Pa. Men Accused of Kidnapping Over $60 Debt

Police say five Lancaster men trying to collect a $60 debt kidnapped another man at gunpoint.

Police say the five men approached the 39-year-old victim as he was watching a softball game and demanded the money, which they said an acquaintance of his owed them. Police say the victim, whose name wasn't released, was able to break free from his captors Monday night and run to a police car on patrol and told Officer Andrew Mease what happened.

Det. Bill Breault said the kidnappers threatened the man, saying, "We're going to take care of this tonight," he told the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal.

The victim "got the gist of it. He thought, 'I'm going to get hurt,' " Breault told the paper.

Breault said Mease's cruiser turned onto the block as one kidnapper walked toward the car. The victim then broke free and dashed toward the police cruiser as the kidnappers fled.

"If it wasn't for Mease driving by, who knows what would have happened to this guy?" Breault told the Intelligencer Journal. "It may have prevented a homicide."

Police had five suspects in custody by Tuesday afternoon. All five suspects are charged with kidnapping, terroristic threats, simple assault and conspiracy.