Get on the Grill Girls!

Ladies are you ready to get grilling? From kick-starting the flame to closing the lid for the night, Elizabeth Karmel, the founder of, gives you 5 expert tips for all your barbecue blowouts that will last you all season long!

Always Pre-heat your grill

Before you start cooking you should preheat your grill for about 20 minutes. This will get your grates hot enough to give your food an instant sear once placed on the grill and will speed up the cooking process.

Direct vs. Indirect cooking

Direct grilling
means you put the food directly over the heat source. It's for food that cooks less than 20 minutes.
Indirect grilling is used for food that cooks longer than 20 minutes and is placed in between the heat source that reflects from either side of the grill.
***Rule of thumb the larger and denser the food the longer it will cook.

Use Oil

add oil to your food NEVER to the cooking grates. The oil will keep your food hydrated and juicy. It also prevents your food from sticking to the grill.

Don't play with your food

Only turn the food once half way through the cooking time.

Keep your cue clean

A brass-bristled grill brush should be used to clean your grill before and after you use it.