Cigarettes Banned, Pot Still OK in Dutch Cafes, Bars

Following in the footsteps of other European nations, the Netherlands has banned tobacco smoking in bars, restaurants and cafes, BBC News reported.

Marijuana smoking, however, is still allowed in licensed cannabis cafes provided it's not mixed with tobacco, the report said.

Marijuana possession is illegal in the Netherlands, but holders of small amounts are not prosecuted.

Although opponents to the Netherlands’ ban believe it may harm businesses as smokers opt to stay home rather than butt-out, supporters say the cleaner environment will bring out more non-smokers to replace the lost customers.

A study released this week found that England's year-long smoking ban has resulted in about 400,000 people kicking the habit. That figure is based on interviews with more than 32,000 smokers and ex-smokers over the nine months before the ban and the nine months after the ban.

A more conservative study from England's Department of Health, however, shows that about 234,060 people have quit smoking since the ban took effect.

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