Oversized Bows Are a Must-Have This Season!

Summer Trends wth Store Adore series storeadore.com As you saw in our , oversized bows are a MUST HAVE this season. But before you start thinking that this ultra-feminine embellishment is not for you, pay attention. Meredith Barnett, a founder of , and I show you four very different ways to wear this girly style.

Take it Slow

As I always say, if you're weary about wearing a trend, try it in small doses. This Anna Sui tank from shopbop.com is ultra cute without being overwhelming. The rhinestone bow is right on target with this summer trend and great with a pair of shorts or jeans.

Neck Tie

Meredith went in a different direction when I asked her to share her favorite bow style. She chose this Crispin and Basilio bow tie top from Poppy,one of her favorite boutiques. The tie is just as chic loose as it is in a bow, and would work with a suit for the office or a sexy pair of white jeans.

Back It Up

This dress from Trina Turk is definitely more daring! Still, the bow on the back of this style is subtle because it's not too big and the dress has a very simple silhouette. The color on the other hand is bold and beautiful! Yellow is a must-have this season.

Mono Bow

At Poppy, Meredith also chose this dress from Crispin and Basilio as one of her top picks. This bow is large, in-charge and up front and center, but not overdone because it's the same fabric and color as the dress.
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