Iranian Official: Ahmadinejad Was Target of X-Ray Assassination Plot

Foes of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tried to kill the hard-line leader with X-ray radiation during his recent visit to Italy, Iran’s former ambassador to Rome told Russian news service RIA Novosti on Monday.

Ex-ambassador Abolfazi Zohrevand said the rising concentration of high-intensity radiation at Ahmadinejad’s temporary residence in Rome earlier this month led to the claims.

"We found out that the radiation was higher than normal and its intensity was rapidly increasing," Zohrevand told Iran’s IRNA news agency. He added that several devices were used to avoid potential error in readings, but they all showed the same results.

Ahmadinejad is currently at odds with Iran's new reformist parliament due to growing social and economic unrest.

In addition, the Iranian president is under fire worldwide for his comments on the destruction of Israel, his "suspicions" of the Sept. 11 terror attacks and his belief that homosexuals deserve to be executed and/or tortured.

Ahmadinejad said last week that the U.S. was behind another attempt on his life during a recent visit to Baghdad. The West has denied the claim.

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