Doctors: Wet Clothes Helped Man Survive Lightning Strike

A Minnesota man is home from the hospital from being struck by lightning after he ran out into his yard during a storm to stop the wind from blowing his gazebo away.

Kent Lilyerd of Mora was released Sunday afternoon from Hennepin County Medical Center where he was taken after a Friday night storm. His doctors say it's amazing he's alive.

After he was struck, Lilyerd lay in his yard for almost two hours, passing in and out of consciousness. His wife, a nurse who works a night shift, was asleep in the house and never heard her husband.

Doctors think it's likely Lilyerd's wet clothes saved him. They say the jolt apparently ran through his wet clothes instead of through his body.

Lilyerd isn't out of the woods. People struck by lightning are at higher risk of developing cataracts and can suffer tingling in fingers and toes for months after.