Mother Convicted in Toddler's 'Hog-Tying' Death Expecting Again

An Australian woman jailed in 2003 for the sickening "hog-tying" death of her 18-month-old daughter has revealed she is going to be a mother again.

In an interview in Saturday’s Qweekend magazine, Rebecca Mae Haliday, 27, who lives in Victoria and is a free woman after her parole expired in February, speaks of her fears for what will happen when authorities find out about the pregnancy.

Haliday begs the public to leave her in peace during her fresh shot at motherhood and says she is willing to abide by any conditions imposed by government authorities so she can keep the new baby.

Haliday and her former boyfriend Daniel Ronald Green, now 30, were both jailed for six years for the manslaughter of her youngest child Beanca Newman, who died in 2001 in their caravan home, north of Brisbane.

She also had a two-year-old son at the time of Beanca's death. The pair admitted Beanca was tied up with rolled bedsheets night after night for weeks to teach her "that bedtime was bedtime."

Haliday, then 20, did not take part in the restraining process but was conjointly charged because she consented to it. She told police that in the final weeks she believed the restraints were strengthened, as Green "hogtied" together Beanca's separately bound hands and feet.

The toddler eventually died in her sleep from a combination of pneumonia and asphyxia.

Haliday's other child Chris was taken in by his paternal grandmother Jenny Newman, who is raising him in Melbourne. There was no evidence the boy had been tied up.

News of Haliday's pregnancy has shocked Newman, who told The Courier-Mail Friday she was "incredibly worried" for the unborn baby. "My message to the authorities is 'protect this child,’” she said.

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