5-Year-Old Connecticut Boy Saves Little Sister From Choking to Death on Beads

A 5-year-old Bristol, Conn., boy saved his toddler sister's life when he heard her choking and turned to see her hanging from the blinds by beads tangled around her neck, WFSB TV reported on Friday.

"I thought Hannah would die in three more seconds," Trevor Caron told WFSB TV. "But then that's when I got off my bed and ran to Hannah and saved Hannah's life."

Trevor said he was watching television on Thursday when he heard his 2-year-old sister gagging. He looked and saw the child caught in some beads, dangling with her feet above the floor. Hannah's face was turning white, the boy said.

His grandmother was in the other room at the time and his mom, Nancy Caron, was at work when she got the call, according to WFSB.

"Her doctor looked at her and said my son saved her life," said Nancy Caron. "It was very close. She was seconds away from passing out."

Hannah’s doctor said the little girl should make a full recovery.

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