Doctor Faked Prescriptions, Gave Son Growth Hormone to Avoid Bullying

A British doctor may no longer be able to practice medicine after she allegedly faked prescriptions for growth hormones for her son, London’s Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Rehab Al Jumaily, 51, who is 5 feet tall, feared her 13-year-old son would be bullied if he ended up as short as the rest of his family.

The teenager, who is 5 feet 2 inches tall and not being named because of legal reasons, has been bullied once at school.

Al Jumaily, a partner in a West Hull, England, surgery practice, admitted she used fake names to write prescriptions for the growth hormone drug Genetropin, which she injected into her son, the Mail reported.

Al Jumaily, of Dunswell, England, told a court she and her husband are short and their 16-year-old daughter, who is 4 feet 11-inches tall, had stopped growing at the age of 11, the story says.

Al Jumaily received a fine and was to appear before the General Medical Council to determine if she is fit to continue practicing medicine, the Mail reported.

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