Baby Who Fell Into River Dies, Comes Back to Life

Two hours after she fell into England’s Thames River and was pronounced dead, a baby girl came back to life.

The 10-month-old tumbled into the water with her mother and 3-year-old sister, who doctors said are fine.

All three swallowed mouthfuls of muddy water before being rescued by a boatman.

Paramedics tried to restart the baby’s heart on the way to the emergency room, but to no avail. Doctors did the same, and had given up when her heart began to show the faintest of beats.

The baby was taken into intensive care, where she was in a critical condition Thursday night.

It is thought her body went into "suspension" when immersed in the cold water, slowing her circulation. Bodies can sometimes survive for many minutes underwater because of the cold and still be revived.

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