British Company Rolls Out Motorized Suitcase

Are you a frequent flyer tired of lugging that heavy suitcase from airport to airport? Got $1,400 to spare? Then your moment has arrived.

Live Luggage, a leather-goods company based in beautiful and expensive Henley-on-Thames, England, is proud to offer the world's first power-assisted suitcase.

Like a tiny Segway, the PA Series bag's electric wheels switch on as soon as you tug on the handle, then adjust themselves so that the weight of the suitcase is balanced.

"Dragging a fully-laden case up slopes or across bumpy surfaces when traveling between stations, airports, taxis and hotels can be incredibly tiring," a company spokesman told London's Daily Mail. "This case eliminates that stress by feeling almost weightless. ... It can be carried by anyone from the age of 5 to 85."

The suitcase keeps pace with the user up to running speed and draws power from a 12-volt rechargable battery in its base. It's also got a built-in umbrella.

Potential customers can order one directly from Live Luggage here.

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