Ben Kingsley: Mary-Kate Olsen 'Completely in Charge' of Make-Out Scene

Sir Ben Kingsley says Mary-Kate Olsen wore the pants when it came to their on-screen kiss in "The Wackness."

"She was completely in charge," the actor, 64, told People magazine in a Thursday story on their enthusiastic make-out scene in a telephone booth.

In "The Wackness," Olsen, 22, plays a stoner called Union who shares a steamy 20-second lip lock with Kingsley.

"There is a very passionate scene in the film, which we filmed last week," Kingsley, who won the best-actor Oscar for 1982's "Gandhi," told "Access Hollywood" earlier this year.

"It went extremely well and she was very focused. She was very good, very professional. She was quite wonderful."

When asked if he thinks the scene will stir up controversy, Kingsley said: "I'm sure it will. (Her character) is this great free spirit, you know, she is equally seducing so it is a level playing field."

In the film, Kingsley plays a therapist who forms a friendship with a teenage drug dealer who trades pot for therapy sessions. Olsen portrays one of the dealer's customers, who winds up kissing Kingsley's character.

"It's for a few seconds and then we disappear and we never see each other in the movie," Kingsley says. "But she is a trigger into my quest for happiness."

Though brief, the scene left a good impression on him.

"She is an amazing professional and just has such a free spirit that draws you close to her," Kingsley told's Pop Tarts column earlier this year.

Olsen rose to fame on TV's "Full House," and she has recently appeared on "Weeds."

Kingsley's film credits also include "House of Sand and Fog" and "Schindler's List."

"The Wackness" hits theaters July 3.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.