Web Video Purports to Show Ball Girl's Amazing Catch

It would be an amazing catch for any baseball player — a bounding leap using the outfield wall as a springboard to snag a fly ball just into foul territory — but this catch was made by the ball girl.

Video of the catch at a baseball field in Fresno, Calif., has become an instant hit on YouTube, but was the catch real?

The video features actual footage of a Fresno Grizzlies game at Chukchansi Park, according to abc30.com, but the ball girl's 'unreal' catch was just that — unreal.

It turns out the video is part of a new viral Web ad produced by Gatorade. The woman in the video doesn't normally retrieve foul balls. She's a stuntwoman who was hooked up to cables for the extra footage, filmed after the game in front of about a hundred fans and players who stayed late, according to abc30.com.

So the catch was too good to be true after all, but still quite a sight to see.

Click here for the story from abc30.com.

Click here for the video of the amazing catch.