Utah Woman, 98, Goes Skydiving to Celebrate Family Birthday

Beulah Lewis had a lot of experiences to show for her 98 years, but skydiving wasn't one of them — until now.

She, along with three other generations in her family, celebrated a relative's 20th birthday on Tuesday by jumping out of an airplane. Lewis took the challenge in stride.

"It was OK," Beulah Lewis told MyFOXUtah.com.com after the jump. "A little rough in spots."

Jack Guthrie, owner of the skydiving company Drop Zone, said Lewis may be the oldest person to go skydiving in Utah.

"I've never seen anyone 98," he told the station. "The oldest I can remember is 96."

Kim Mather, a Lewis family member, wasn't surprised the 98-year-old took part in the family outing.

"Our family is a little bit wild and crazy," Mather said. "She said she’s 98 and if this is her time to die she might as well go out in style."

Gary Lewis was excited his mother was willing to make the leap.

"As soon as she went out that door, I saw her out the window, I knew she was OK. Then I started to worry about me," he told the station. "It was a blast and to do it with my mother, 98 – you couldn’t ask for anything better than that."

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