Supermodel Christie Brinkley's soon-to-be ex-husband Peter Cook paid his former teenage mistress $300,000 to keep quiet about their affair, the New York Post reports.

Cook reportedly paid Diana Bianchi in exchange for a promise that Bianchi, who was 18 when she began working at Cook's firm on Long Island, N.Y., would not sue the architect for sexual harassment.

Bianchi told the Post in 2006 that Cook "first physically made advances at me ... probably a month after I started working there."

When Bianchi raised the possibility of a lawsuit, Cook approached her lawyers and offered a payment close to what it would cost to defend the suit in court, according to the report.

Last week, a judge ordered the divorce proceedings between Brinkley and Cook to be open to the public, and Brinkley's lawyers reportedly have subpoenaed Bianchi to testify at the trial.

Through her lawyer, Bianchi told the Post that she is "not interested in getting involved in a dispute with Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook," but if called to testify, "I will do so truthfully."

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