Guys: Get Clued in On Casual Fridays

Many men, have their work wardrobe down to a science, and when presented with the option of dressing down for a day, can get confused and overwhelmed. Guys, casual fridays are not something to be afraid of! As you saw in our video, here are some tips on what to wear, and what NEVER to show up in on Casual Fridays.

Do: Wear Jeans and a Blazer

The most important thing about wearing jeans to the office, is making sure they are neat and tailored. No holes, wrips or stains allowed! A khaki blazer is a smart and sophisticated look, simply dressed down with an untucked cotton shirt.

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Do: Wear Khakis and a Polo

Probably the easiest summer outfit for casual fridays is a polo and khaki ensemble. Try striped styles in bright colors and feel free to tuck in, wear out, pop your collar, or opt not to.

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