Window Washer Survives Nine-Story Fall, Maintains Sense of Humor

A window cleaner has escaped a nine-story fall from a Gold Coast, Australia, tower with a fractured arm — and a broken pelvis from the super “wedgie” from his harness.

Police said the incident happened next to the Surfers Paradise police station.

Witnesses, including police officers from the station, reported hearing a thud and seeing the man suspended limp in the air hanging from his harness.

The man, 20, fell about 82 feet until his feet hit an awning on the side of a building.

He appeared to have ankle injuries and was in a lot of pain, but he retained his sense of humor, telling co-workers that he had "a big wedgie" (from his harness).

Fellow window cleaner David Luke said he was on the roof when he heard “three big bangs.”

"He's lucky to be alive," Luke said. "We have no idea how this happened."

The man was taken to Gold Coast Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

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