Unspecified Change Made to Britney Spears' Visitation Status

Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline were in court Tuesday for a child custody hearing, resulting in an unspecified change to the pop star's visitation status.

TMZ reported that Spears was awarded overnight visitation rights with Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, her two young sons with Federline.

Spears and Federline appeared before Commissioner Scott Gordon, who took the one-hour proceeding behind closed doors. The pop star and a parenting coach were questioned by Gordon.

Allan Parachini, a court spokesman, stressed afterward that the answers given by Spears and parenting coach Lisa Hacker were not considered testimony.

Spears' behavior was "very businesslike," Parachini said.

The pop princess, wearing a white short-sleeve top and capri pants with pockets down the sides, left court without comment. Federline, in a gray suit, also did not comment as he left.

A status conference in the custody case was set for July 15.

Laura Wasser returned Tuesday as Spears' family law attorney after previously quitting Spears' custody case.

Earlier at the Los Angeles County Courthouse, Spears, 26, and Federline, 30, avoided looking at each other. At various moments, Spears was seen smiling and with watery eyes. She drank water and sat quietly next to her lawyer. Federline wore a tan suit and chatted with his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

In May, Spears was granted expanded visitation rights to her two sons, with Federline retaining custody the boys.

The longer visits were a "recognition of the progress that has been made, a progress in structure and stability," Kaplan said.

Federline has had full custody of his two sons with Spears since January, when police were called to Spears' home after she refused to relinquish one of the boys to a Federline bodyguard. Spears was taken by ambulance to UCLA Medical Center.

Her visitation rights were suspended at the time but gradually have been restored in recent months.

Spears and her estate remain under the conservatorship of her father, James Spears.

FOXNews.com's Hollie McKay and the Associated Press contributed to this report.