Troubled Man Survives 75-foot Leap Into Pa. River

A troubled Pennsylvania man is lucky to be alive after surviving a 75-foot fall into the Susquehanna River.

Police say a fisherman pulled the 27-year-old Manheim man onto his boat after he tried to commit suicide Monday morning.

West Hempfield Township police Sgt. Russell Geier says the man was not seriously hurt and was walking without assistance and speaking soon after the fall.

Witnesses say the man abruptly stopped his car on the Route 462 bridge near Columbia and sprinted toward the edge. He then dived without hesitation headfirst toward the water below.

Geier says the man tells police he had some bad things going on in his life.

Investigators say the man will not be charged with any crime.

Clayton is believed to be only the second person to survive a plummet off the bridge, also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge, according to Geier.

"He's a lucky guy," Geier told the Intelligencer Journal. "He's only the second one that actually lived."

Clayton likely fell into a channel, the Intelligencer Journal reported, because the river was low, with its floor visible in many areas. Landing in the channel probably saved Clayton's life.

"Someone was looking out for him," Geier told the Intelligencer Journal. "Of the options he had, he thought this was the best one."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.