Rep Denies Report That Michelle Williams May Boycott 'Dark Knight' Premiere

Michelle Williams is furious at Heath Ledger's family over their handling of her late boyfriend's will and is threatening to boycott "The Dark Knight" premiere on July 14, the New York Post's gossip column Page Six reports.

But in an e-mail to, Williams' publicist Mara Buxbaum denied that the actress is threatening to boycott the premiere.

"The New York Post’s 'inside sources' are wrong. The presumption that Michelle ever intended to attend 'The Dark Knight' premiere is unfounded, but to say she is 'boycotting' due to a riff with Heath’s family is absurd," she said in a statement.

The late actor reportedly had little money in cash but possessed a house in Los Angeles and a million-dollar back-end deal for "The Dark Knight," in which he plays the Joker.

Ledger made a will in 2003 — before he met Williams and Matilda was born — that left everything to his father Kim, mother Emma and sisters. But Matilda is now considered the beneficiary, and Kim is the executor.

"Matilda [Williams and Ledger's daughter] is supposed to be the beneficiary of the will, but Michelle has seen nothing from them," an insider told Page Six.

Years ago, Kim's brothers charged that he mismanaged their father's estate, losing millions.

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