Locals in Welsh Town Dumbfounded by Police Image's 'Faceless' Suspect

Welsh cops have locals scratching their heads with an official police computer sketch of a robber whose face is almost entirely covered by a cap.

The e-fit picture was issued by police hunting a conman who tricked a 98-year-old widow out of her life savings. She told officers he was in his 40s, clean shaven with a narrow chin — and wearing a cap.

But the wanted image circulated by Gwent police in Pontypool, Wales, has left locals wondering, “Is this the worst police sketch ever?”

In the photo, the suspect’s face is almost completely shrouded by a baseball hat. The only thing showing is his mouth.

Plumber Jamie O’Leary, 26, said, “I’ve seen about 50 men in baseball caps today— it’s like a uniform around here. It could be anyone. I thought it was Michael Jackson or Usher to start with.”

Salesman Andy Griffiths, 42, added, “Even Sherlock Holmes would have difficulty with that photofit. I’d be amazed if they catch anyone based on that.”

The wanted man escaped with the woman’s money after claiming he was a water official.

The only other clues to his appearance are that he is white, 5 feet 10 inches tall, and broad-shouldered.

A Gwent Police spokeswoman defended the image.

“This incident was a particularly nasty attack on a vulnerable person. This picture has been issued as it is the only description we have at this stage,” the spokeswoman said.

“Sometimes the smallest of details can jog someone’s memory and bring about significant leads.”

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