The Ingraham Angle: Obama's Latest Comments Don't Sound 'Post-Racial'

Reverberations across America as more people are for the first time hearing these comments from Barack Obama:


SEN. BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (D): They're going to try and make you afraid of me. They're going to say, "You know what, he's young, inexperienced, and he's got a iunny name. Did I mention he's black?"


"They're going to do this" and "they're going to do that." Who is "they"? — Anyone who doesn't support Obama is afraid or anti-black? I'm thinking how is this pitch "post-racial"? Isn't this a glaring example of the type of race-baiting that Obama claims to be against?

Watch The Ingraham Angle

And notice how he equates the experience critique with racism. Nice pivot, senator! — He was a point guard, wasn't he?

And, speaking of experience and judgment, maybe the Obama campaign should reconsider the breadth of its voter outreach (photo of campaign letter addressed to Laura Ingraham). — By the way, I didn't open the envelope.

So, after the Obama race rift, what is our "change-o-meter" saying today? Not so much change.

With Friends Like These...

And in our "Friends Like These" department, the unsolicited endorsements keep piling up for Obama. First, it was free market champion, Hugo Chavez; then it was that modern day band of merry men, Hamas; and let's not forget that Jack LaLanne of totalitarianism, Fidel Castro.

And now, it's — drum roll, please — the one and only contestant in "North Korean Idol," Kim Jong Il, ladies and gentlemen. And by the way, he is a modern day Renaissance man. Did you ever notice, he's a real hit with the ladies. I heard that. He spends his free time starving innocent people and cruising MySpace — great endorsement.

New McCain Strategy?

And meanwhile, over at the McCain campaign (sound of crickets) — now, that is not fair. I reject that tactic.

I heard the McCain campaign is unveiling a new strategy. They're trying to court the blue-collar vote, and I, for one, am heartened because I didn't know we had any blue-collar jobs left in America!

Ruffling Feathers in Old Europe

And on the old Europe watch, France's new Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, is already ruffling feathers in the land of 35-hour work weeks and five-week vacations. Impressed by the American work ethic after years of managing a law firm here, she's telling the French workers to roll up their sleeves. According to the BBC, she said, "Instead of thinking about their work, people are thinking about their weekend— organizing, planning and engineering time off."

Heck, sounds like Congress to me! Christine, we need you in the cloakroom and now.

Weather Report

And finally, an update on the weather conditions our troops are facing in the War on Terror. In Baghdad, it's 108 degrees and the mercury is going to go higher later in the week; and to the south in Basra, a hideous 115 degrees. Imagine that — with 80 pounds of body armor and equipment. Over in Afghanistan, in Kandahar, it's mostly sunny and 108; and lucky you in Kabul, where it's only 93. God bless our military.

And that's it for "The Ingraham Angle."