Chicago Student, 12, Wins Dodge Caliber for School Attendance

It took a Chicago Public Schools student a whole year to win a sleek perfect attendance prizeā€”but she has a few years to go before she can use it.

Ashley Martinez won a new Dodge Caliber for perfect attendance during the last school year, but she's only 12, so driving is out for now.

A Chicago Public Schools spokesman says the school district offered the car as part of an effort to boost attendance, which has hovered around 91 percent the last several years.

Chicago's school system has offered several rewards in recent years, including vacations, laptops and iPods.

Some experts disapprove. Parenting expert Nancy Samalin says the main reason children are sent to school is to learn to love learning.

Chicago Public Schools Chief Arne Duncan says the rewards give parents added incentive to get their kids to class.