Baby in Need of Transplant 30,000 Strong on Facebook

The millions of people who belong to the online social network Facebook are usually adults looking to make professional and personal connections.

But Bethany Dawson, who has 30,000 friends on the networking site, is just a mere 12 months old.

Her parents, Nikki Summer and Tim Dawson, of Cannock Staffs, England, joined the site and set up the group “Help Save My Daughter Bethany” in a desperate appeal for individuals to join England’s national organ registry, the Daily Mirror reported Tuesday.

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Bethany was born with gastroschisis, which means her bowels and intestines developed outside of her body. Now, she needs a bowel and liver transplant.

“We’re overwhelmed by the kindness,” Tim Dawson, 28, told the Mirror. “We’re just hoping a match is found.”

Bethany has already had 13 surgeries in her short life, and doctors said she could die before her second birthday unless she has the necessary transplants.

Summer, 21, said she and Dawson joined Facebook to not only raise awareness for Bethany, but for “all the sick children out there.”

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