Sleepy Thief Awoken by Homeowners in Brazil

A thief caught napping in the house he was burglarizing for the second time is under arrest in southern Brazil.

Police spokeswoman Giovana Schafer says 20-year-old Maicon Seggiaro Kovalski broke into a middle-class home in the city of Canoas before daybreak Monday. He walked away with a television set and other household goods, which she said "he quickly exchanged for crack cocaine."

Schafer says that after apparently smoking some of the crack, Kovalski decided to return to the house to steal more.

Instead he became drowsy and fell "fast asleep" on the living room couch, Schafer says. The owners of the house found him there.

Schafer says Kovalski confessed to the burglary and would probably be represented by a public defender.