New Technology Gives Women a 3-D Look at Breasts

Thanks to new 3-D imaging technology, Krista Travisano has finally found a breast size she is comfortable with.

Travisano, 36, of Caldwell, N.J, had been considering breast-augmentation surgery for "quite a long time," but she was unsure exactly what size was right for her.

“First, when I thought about it, maybe a full B,” Travisano told “Then when I thought of it more, I was going for a full D and I was very unsure.”

Travisano consulted with Dr. Alan Rosen, a plastic surgeon in Montclair, N.J., who used an imaging system called Breast Sculptor to show her exactly what her breasts would look like if she went up to a D cup, or reduced their size.

A series of specialized digital photos are taken of the patient in 360 degrees, and then a software program renders a 3-D model.

Rosen can then augment the model using computerized representations of saline or gel implants, giving patients a preview of their enhancement in stunning detail.

"He was able to show me on the screen, with my body, what I would like like," Travisano said.

Click here to watch a video on Breast Sculptor.

Once Travisano saw what she would look like with a D cup, she immediately knew she would be uncomfortable. She said she has opted to change her size from a 34-B to a full C cup.

Breast augmentations were the most popular of plastic surgeries in 2007 with 348,000 procedures performed, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This has raised the average American bra size from 34-B to 36-C.

Rosen said some women will come in to his office thinking they need an augmentation, but once they use the Breast Sculptor, they find what they really need is a breast lift — or nothing at all.

“It allows us before surgery to actually play with the imager and see what implants we think will best fit that patient’s body,” Rosen said. “As a surgeon we try to do all of our thought process and use all of our judgment before we get to the operating room so that in the operating room we are efficient in how we do our surgery.”

Travisano said she is looking forward to seeing what her new body looks like.

“My plan is to go on a shopping spree!” Travisano said. “Sundresses, a new bathing suit for the summer… everything is going to be new because everything that I have won’t fit me anymore.”