Girl, 7, Survives Brain Cancer Twice, Escapes Death a Third Time

It must be Maya Perrin-Skippen’s age – lucky 7 – that has made her the only person to survive brain cancer twice, and then escape death when she recently lapsed into a coma, London’s Daily Mail reported Friday.

Maya traveled to Houston, Texas, to see a specialist when she caught a fever of 102.2 degrees, which left her in a coma.

“It’s been a traumatic week for us,” said Maya’s father, Steven, 28. “I didn’t realize how close we came to losing her.”

Maya, of Romford, Essex, England, was first diagnosed with pineoblastoma in September 2006 and doctors gave her a 50 percent survival rate. She underwent chemotherapy and the tumor disappeared.

One year later, the tumor returned and doctors said they had to surgically remove it – but with the operation came the risk of blindness or death.

Surgeons successfully removed most of the tumor, but it grew back again, which was why Maya was in Houston to see a specialist.

However, Maya came out of the coma and is ready to begin treatment at the Burzynski Clinic.

At the Burzynski Clinic, Maya is scheduled to undergo Antineoplaston Therapy, which floods the body with amino acid and peptides and attacks the cancer, but leaves the healthy cells unaffected, said Maya’s father.

Since she has come so far, Maya’s family is optimistic that she can beat the disease for good.

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