Report: Hundreds Mistakenly Test Positive for HIV in New York

Hundreds of people who took an HIV test at New York City clinics between November 2007 and April of this year were incorrectly told they tested positive for the virus, the New York Post reported Sunday.

In total, 213 people reportedly tested positive for the virus after taking a rapid mouth-swab HIV test manufactured by OraSure technologies.

The reason for the incorrect results is being investigated by the Department of Health, the Post reported.

In the meantime, the DOH has stopped using the swab test, which was first introduced to New York City clinics in 2005.

But Dr. Susan Blank, assistant DOH commissioner and director of the bureau of STD control, told the Post that all individuals who were found to be positive after taking the swab test were immediately given another test — one that required a blood sample.

"Nobody was misled or harmed," Blank said.

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