Harrier FA2 Fighter Jet Up for Auction on eBay

The ultimate boys' toy could be yours at last - a Harrier fighter jet is being sold on eBay.

The decommissioned Royal Navy Sea Harrier FA2 was in service between 1987 and 1997.

It served with all three Fleet Air Arm Harrier squadrons.

But anyone wanting to take to the skies in the plane will be disappointed as it is not airworthy.

There is no engine fitted and many of the internal systems have been removed or made inoperative.

The cockpit is also stripped out but a mock cockpit has been created so, from the outside, it appears to have a seat fitted.

Despite this, the price has already exceeded $37,505.86.

The sellers say on eBay: "This is a rare opportunity.

"You will not find a static display Harrier this complete for sale anywhere else in the world.

"The aircraft is externally complete to static display/museum standards and would make a truly stunning garden feature or museum exhibit."

The plane, which is currently in Bradford, can be shipped to many countries around the world to the buyer and assembled.