Nuclear Sites in Europe Need Security Upgrades, Report Says

Nuclear sites in Europe controlled by the Air Force need upgrades to meet Defense Department security requirements, according to an internal report recently made public.

The 118-page investigative report was part of broad review of U.S. nuclear weapons facilities around the world under Air Force command. The report concludes that "nuclear surety in the USAF is sound, but needs strengthening."

The report was completed by the Air Force in February. A copy was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists and posted on the group's Web site Thursday.

The review also concludes that expertise with nuclear weapons in the Air Force has declined as airmen who were on duty during the Cold War leave the service. It also warns that the "nuclear enterprise" in the force is fragmented and inspection programs need to be standardized.

Referring to facilities in Europe, the report noted "inconsistencies in personnel, facilities and equipment" provided by host nations. It specifically cited support buildings, fencing, lighting and security systems that were in need of repair.

"A consistently noted theme throughout the visits was that most sites require significant additional resources to meet DOD security requirements," the report reads.

Investigators recommended consolidating resources to "reduce vulnerabilities."