Steve Guttenberg Appears to 'Attack' Photographer in New York

Actor Steve Guttenberg reportedly went on the attack against a photographer while jogging through New York's Upper West Side.

Pictures posted by the photo agency Bauer-Griffin show Guttenberg making fists at the camera, sticking up his middle finger and grabbing the paparazzo's camera.

Viewers of the photos on various Web sites speculated that they could be fake. A rep for Guttenberg told that while he hadn't yet talked to the actor, "some people think it's a punch out, others a parody of a punchout. My vote goes to the latter."

He also said that Guttenberg is "very funny and he's a very good actor," so he believes the photos are a riff on the common battle between celebs and paparazzi.

Click here to see the photos from Bauer-Griffin.

Video: Click here to see the Red Eye cast discuss the photos.

Guttenberg, 50, was a contestant on this season's "Dancing With the Stars." He appeared in "Police Academy" and "Three Men and a Baby," among other films, and co-stars in the upcoming film "Major Movie Star" with Jessica Simpson.