Report: Mother of 50 Cent's Son Granted Restraining Order Against Rapper

The mother of 50 Cent's son was granted a temporary restraining order against the rapper on Friday, TMZ reported.

As per the order, 50 Cent will have to forfeit any firearms he may have, and any pick-up and drop-off of his 11-year-old son, Marquise, must be "at curbside," according to the Web site.

He's also not allowed to be on any premises with his son's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

Tompkins' lawyer Paul Catsandonis said they will be arguing for a permanent restraining order against the rapper next month, TMZ reported. Earlier, Tompkins said that people associated with 50 Cent have made threats against her.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent's lawyers have served Tompkins with a $20 million defamation suit in Connecticut court for accusing 50 Cent of burning down his own house, and trying to kill her and their son, TMZ reported.

He also wants the court to force Tompkins to let him visit Marquise, in accordance with an earlier order, the Web site said.

According to TMZ, 50 Cent hasn't seen Marquise since a suspicious fire destroyed a $2.4 million house at the center of his bitter dispute with Tompkins last month.

A judge recently ordered 50 Cent to hold on to the Long Island, N.Y., mansion.

State Supreme Court Justice Carol Edmead also ordered the rapper (real name: Curtis Jackson) to put any insurance proceeds he might receive into a trust account pending the outcome of the $50 million lawsuit filed against him earlier this year by Tompkins.

Catsandonis requested the orders so his client can have access to some of 50 Cent's assets if she wins a judgment. He said 50 Cent, who was not present in court, agreed years ago to give Tompkins half of his earnings for life.

Tompkins, 32, claims 50 Cent promised her a house more than a decade ago while she was supporting him, but that since their breakup he has been trying to evict her and Marquise from the home.

Authorities are still investigating the May 30 blaze.

Tompkins said that 50 Cent had threatened her earlier that week — a charge the rapper's lawyer, Brett Kimmel, denied. Kimmel said his client had nothing to do with the fire and was in Louisiana at the time making a movie.

Six people, including Tompkins and her son, were treated for smoke inhalation. The rapper didn't live there.

Tompkins, who started dating 50 Cent in 1995 when she was 15, has said that she is broke. "All we have are the clothes we jumped out of the window with," she said.

Tompkins denounced her former companion for failing to contact her or his son after the blaze. She said her son was "traumatized" by his father's remaining on a movie set and failing to call after the home was destroyed.

"He's not a good father," she said. "He doesn't care about his son at all."

The rapper has been nominated for 13 Grammys, including nominations for the song "In da Club" and the album "Get Rich or Die Tryin'." In 2005 he starred with Terrence Howard in a semi-autobiographical movie based on that album.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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