Internal Monologue: Welcome to DC

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Interning in DC has been great so far. I actually don't work as a page - I'm interning in a congressional office on the hill - but it's been pretty interesting. Obviously I wasn't expecting to have any real responsibility at work, but I've been surprised by the access I have to my own representative and the specific bills he is concerned with at the moment. I do spend most of the day answering phones, but I helped write a memo last week and I feel like I'm making a difference, which is dorky to write, I know, but it's true.

I will say this - I didn't realize how out of control DC can be during the summer. I was expecting to be with a bunch of "political" sort of kids, but these kids are remarkably wild. Happy Hours every night, people setting up bacchanalia-themed dinners, trying to talk politics over like grappa or whatever. There are times here when I literally feel like I've signed up to live in a Sandals, not the GW dorms.

But I guess it is summer, and DC is a town of networking. I don't like mixing church and state in this way, but if I've learned one thing about successful politicians, that's basically all they do anyway!

One thing I didn't anticipate, even though I should have, is how hot the subways are here. My friend sent me this ridiculous video of a bunch of Japanese people cramming into a subway and was like "enjoy DC!" I thought nothing of it at the time, because this kid is a joker to the 'nth degree, but the subway system here is ridiculous. It makes you wonder about the state of public transportation in general since this is the nation's capital, but I guess any city has its flaws.

That's it for now. I'm off to save the world, one happy hour at a time.

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