Report: Two Claims by Rob Lowe's Ex-Nanny Tossed

Two allegations brought against Rob Lowe by his ex-nanny Jessica Gibson were tossed out of court, reported.

A couple of the minor labor-code violations were thrown out, but all the sexual harassment claims were kept, according to the order.

The lawsuit, filed by Gibson, says Lowe "placed his hand inside Gibson's pants" several times from about September 2005 to around January 2008. The suit also alleges the actor grabbed Gibson's behind without her consent in December 2007, two months before she quit working for Lowe and his wife in February.

Gibson also says Lowe's wife Sheryl walked around naked, "completely exposing herself," and that Lowe repeatedly asked Gibson to touch him, showed her pornographic images on his computer and asked her to give him a massage and tell him dirty stories, reported.

The former nanny claims she feared Lowe, 44, would "attempt to further sexually assault her," but also says she thought conditions would get better.

"I always thought it would be different when I went back, but it was not," Gibson said in the lawsuit. "I stayed as long as I did because of the children and because I needed a job."

Gibson is suing the Lowes for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid off-the-clock work, overtime wages and unpaid meal periods and asking for damages in excess of $50,000, TMZ reported.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.