Piers Morgan Sorry He Set Up Mills, McCartney, Mocks Hasselhoff's Tan

Piers Morgan apologized Wednesday for introducing Paul McCartney to Heather Mills and dissed fellow "America's Got Talent" judge David Hasselhoff's spray-on tans.

Morgan told Howard Stern on his radio show that he didn't know Mills would turn out to be a "grasping, gold-digging little bimbo ... I was fooled into thinking that she was a good person."

The acid-tongued Brit also hassled the Hoff, calling his co-judge a "tool."

Morgan recounted a day when Hasselhoff "went out and got a spray tan in the middle of the shoot, so it looks like he tanned during a commercial break.

"His face had gotten orange," Morgan said. "The audience is going to say, 'Well, David Hasselhoff has gotten a tan halfway through the show.'"

Morgan is a former British tabloid editor and the winner of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice."