Florida Man Struggles to Field Homeless Soccer Team

A Florida man thought he had a great way to improve the health and confidence of Gainesville's homeless population — a soccer team with homeless players.

There was just one problem, according to a report by the Independent Florida Alligator. The potential participants were more interested in shelter, food and employment than physical fitness.

The organizer, Anthony Lyons, manager of the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency, has been trying to start the team since last fall. The uniforms and cleats are ready, according to the Alligator, but Lyons has found it hard to find participants.

Homeless man Byron Woods took a stab at an explanation.

"How I look at it, money needs to be spent on more important things, such as adequate shelter," Woods told the Alligator.

The newspaper reports that Lyons has worked on the soccer program in his spare time without any support from the city of Gainesville, and it has the backing of Homeless World Cup, an international tournament with 60 participating nations.

Click here for the story from the Florida Alligator.