Get Sexy for Summer with the Eagles Cheerleaders

They have the best bodies in football and now, the Eagles Cheerleaders share their fitness secrets!

Q: What's your favorite healthy snack?
A: Archer Farms Organic Real Fruit Strips from Target, they come in tons of flavors are all natural and only 45 calories and are yummy!

Q: How do you curb cravings?
A: If I am craving a particular item such as ice cream....I will eat it. Just a very small amount - a few spoonfuls. That will satisfy the craving.

Q: What's your favorite splurge?
A: Anything with peanut butter in it!

Q: How many times a week do you work out?
A: Cardio twice a week and weights three times a week

Q: Do you follow a particular diet?
A: NO! Diets don't work!! I do not deny myself anything. The key is portion control!! I eat 3 small meals a day with a small snack between meals. I do eat healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish mostly. I will eat pasta and steak but I try to have those meals less often. If you deprive yourself of anything you will end up craving it and when you splurge. Read labels on boxes and when you have a meal limit yourself to 1 serving.

Q: What's your typical workout like?
A: My favorite cardio workout is dance class for an hour and a half twice a week. If I can't get to dance class I will do the stepper or stairmaster at the gym for 30 minutes. At the gym I will lift weights, resistance bands, workout balls, all different types of equipment. I love to continually change things up so my muscles and my brain do not get bored with my workout.

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