Band of Women Dressed as Nurses Stalks and Robs Female, Elderly Shoppers in Florida

A band of women disguised as nurses is preying on female and elderly shoppers in central Florida, Local 6 News reported.

The gang most recently targeted a 74-year-old woman leaving a store. The bandits were seen following her and then one attacked, snatching her purse and jumping into a silver getaway car, according to Local 6.

"These women have been striking in Altamonte Springs and in Orlando," Jeffery Sabounji of the Sanford, Fla., police department told the TV station. "They target elderly people and other females. They even dressed up as nurses to get people to relax so they think they are not going to do anything."

Detectives said that though several women are part of the gang of thieves, they're seeking one specific female suspect described as heavyset with very short hair. She can be mistaken for a man, is about 21 years old and is believed to live in Sanford, according to investigators.

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