Report: Keira Knightley's Mother Nixes Anorexia Rumors

Keira Knightley's mother says the anorexia rumors surrounding her pin-thin daughter are ridiculous, as the A-list actress "eats like a horse."

"She's always been thin," her mom, Sharman MacDonald, told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "She's her daddy's daughter, with his long body."

MacDonald added that her daughter, 23, has to "eat like a horse" to maintain a healthy weight, following a special diet high in protein and carbohydrates.

"Atonement" star Knightley told Britain's Elle magazine last year that she once visited a doctor to help put on weight. In 2006, the actress said she is "very sure" that she doesn't have an eating disorder.

Knightley's "Edge of Love" co-star Sienna Miller attests to Knightley's healthy eating habits.

"She is a really good friend of mine; she is a wonderful girl," Miller said last year, according to the Mail. "Eats like a pig for everyone out there who calls her anorexic."

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