Report: More Than 60,000 Bees Removed From North Carolina Man’s Home

A North Carolina man says his house was so overrun with bees that the walls ooze honey.

Mark Jones, of Concord, N.C., was tipped off to the visitors’ presence after discovering a strange substance on a downstairs wall. After tasting it, he realized it was honey, WYFF-TV reported.

Jones sought the help of beekeepers, who removed approximately 60,000 of the buzzing nuisances and their hives using a vacuum, according to WYFF-TV. Another 1,000 remain inside.

“It didn’t seem right to my husband or myself to kill them,” Jones’ wife Amychelle told WYFF-TV.

The remaining bees are expected to fly elsewhere, as they have no hive or queen bee, beekeepers said.

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