Texas Grandfather Swims 8 Hours to Reach Help After Boat Capsizes

A Houston grandfather swam more than eight hours in the dark to reach help for his two friends and a teenage boy after his 15-foot fishing boat capsized on Friday, MyFOXHouston.com reported.

Ed Pinson, 63, swam overnight after two waves crashed into his boat, causing it to hit a sandbar and flip over in Galveston Bay, dumping its four occupants into the water with only two lifejackets to share.

"I started believing and thinking that maybe this is my time," Pinson told MyFOXHouston.com of the mile-and-a-half swim. "Whenever I would rest it would wash me back to where I had come from before."

As the sun came up toward the end of his hourslong journey, Pinson reached a pier and called for help for his three passengers, who did not know how to swim and clung to the overturned boat to stay afloat, MyFOXHouston.com reported.

Rescuers then located Pinson’s friends and the 14-year-old boy.

Despite his ordeal, Pinson said he will be back on the water as soon as he can get a new boat, MyFOXHouston.com reported. "I’d rather have a bad day fishing, any day, than a good day at work, ‘cause there ain’t never been no good day at work."

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