Teen Accused of Sending E-Mail Threats to Teachers Promising 'Severed Spines'

A teenage boy accused of making violent threats against two teachers at his high school told investigators the e-mails were meant as a joke, police said.

Police have asked the Orange County district attorney to file criminal charges against the 16-year-old boy who was arrested at Fountain Valley High School on May 23 on suspicion of making criminal threats, said Lt. Paul McInnis. He was later released to his parents.

English teachers Chris Baron and Margaret Segalla reported receiving the same e-mail threats May 1.

The e-mail read: "Just to let u know, any student you give an F to at the end of the semester will result in the severing of your spine and taking bits of it to jam in your mouth. If you are brave enough, please do it. Anyone receiving an F on the grade sheet at the end of the semester your life ceases to exist."

Police were able to trace the e-mail back to an Internet service account held by a relative of the student, the Orange County Register reported.

Fountain Valley High School Principal Chris Herzfeld said he took the threats seriously.

"I think that people think they can hide behind the veil of anonymity when they are online," Herzfeld said. "Any threats like that, we get the police department involved."