Chile Plane Crash Survivors Forced to Consider Cannibalism to Survive

Survivors of a plane crash who spent five days in freezing temperatures in Chile said they considered eating the pilot, a British newspaper reports.

According to The Guardian, the Cessna 208 was just 10 minutes from landing when it crashed into a Patagonian mountain near the border with Argentina on Saturday.

“We were flying in very bad conditions. There was rain and sleet. Suddenly, we went into a cloud and when we came out, we were in front of the mountain," passenger Jose Miguel Almonacid told The Guardian. "I managed to scream ‘watch out’ when I heard the explosion.”

The pilot, Nelson Bahamondes, survived the crash but died from blood loss two days later. "He had a cut on his head, a big wound and he lost lots of blood," said Victor Suazo, a Chilean police officer who was on board.

"We couldn't do anything for him and he died around noon on Monday."

As the small amount of food ran out, the survivors debated whether they should eat the pilot.

"We thought about the pilot, I don't know how to say it ... to feed ourselves from him. We thought about this, but some people were not in agreement because the situation was already so extreme," Suazo said.

In 1972, a plane carrying the Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the Andes and the survivors ate dead teammates. It was 72 days before they were rescued and their ordeal inspired the book and the 1993 film "Alive," starring Ethan Hawke and Josh Hamilton.

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