British Family Arrested at Jamaica Airport for Allegedly Swallowing Cocaine in Smuggle Attempt

A British woman, her partner and her teenage daughter were due in court Friday after allegedly swallowing bags of cocaine they had intended to smuggle from Jamaica into the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail reported.

Authorities said they caught Andrea Henry, 39, and her daughter Toni Bellamy, 17, trying to swallow the drugs before boarding a plane at Sangster International Airport in Jamaica. Henry’s American partner, Wayne Walshaw, 32, of Cleveland, also was arrested on Sunday and suspected of ingesting the cocaine, the Mail reported.

"The use of such young people in smuggling drugs demonstrates the ruthless nature of those criminal gangs involved in the illegal narcotics trade and the misery they cause," said Tony Walker, director of border force intelligence and national operations at the U.K. Border Agency.

In Cleveland, Walshaw's father, Robert, 56, said he learned of his son’s arrest after calling to tell him his mother had died.

"All I know is that he was arrested," he told the Mail. "I had to bury his mother a couple of days ago."

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