Baby Fitted With Pacemaker at 5 Days Survives MRSA

A baby who was fitted with a pacemaker at just 5 days old has overcome another health hurdle — he has survived MRSA, the Press Association reported Thursday.

Liam King of South Wales, who is 3 months old, returned home Wednesday after the superbug had infected his pacemaker wound.

He was fitted with a new device after the infection was detected.

He needed the device to regulate his heartbeat because of a congenital heart block, which was detected while he was still inside his mother’s womb.

"Liam is settling back in fine," the baby’s mother, Ann Collier, 21, told the Press Association. "He slept through most of the night, which was great."

Collier said an investigation is underway to determine how Liam contracted MRSA.

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