Stalker Sends Victim Sex Video as She Files Police Complaint

An Australian stalker filmed himself performing sex acts and sent it to his victim's cell phone while she was at a police station making a complaint about him.

The video gave police the evidence they needed to charge him, the Geelong Advertiser reported.

Benjamin Baker, 27, of Corio, Victoria, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates Court Wednesday to stalking and using a telecommunications device to harass.

Police Prosecutor Seaton Lillas said Baker repeatedly harassed his victim by phone and sent her video of himself.

Unfortunately for Baker, one of his video calls was made while the woman was at her local police station filing a complaint.

"The victim answered the call to find Baker again masturbating himself and she showed the officer taking her statement," Lillas told the court.

Magistrate Tim McDonald called Baker's conduct disturbing and fined him almost $3,000.

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