Report: Terror Suspects Plotted to Set Up Islamic State in Scotland

Two suspected Islamic jihadists were allegedly plotting to set up a separate state for "oppressed" Muslims — inside Scotland.

During their terror trial in London, Aabid Khan and Sultan Muhammad, both 23, said they were trying to establish the state as a safe haven for other jihadists that would be run according to Sharia law, the BBC reported. It would later be used as a base to “discreetly train” for attacks against non-believers once its residents “strengthened themselves.”

Both Khan and Muhammad deny terror-related charges of possessing articles or documents, the BBC reported.

The pair allegedly exchanged MSN instant messages on Nov. 12, 2005, where they discussed their plans.

"A group of Muslims can go to a remote place and set up a mini Sharia state and they can rule according to Sharia law, like this and stay there, building them up and their children up, preparing for fitness, and then launching jihad once they strengthen themselves," Khan allegedly said in the Internet conversation.

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