Health Officials Close Pennsylvania Restaurant After Finding Turtle in Sink

A snapping turtle that was supposed to bring good luck to a York, Pa., Chinese restaurant is bringing nothing but trouble after causing health officials to shut down the establishment.

Owner Jim Zhao is working to bring his Panda Chinese Kitchen back up to code and hopes to be able to reopen on Thursday. He originally saw the turtle as a good omen.

"In China, a turtle is like a Buddha," Zhao told WHTM-TV. "(It gives) you good luck, but right now I have bad luck."

Inspectors ordered the restaurant shut down on Friday after finding the turtle in the kitchen sink, among other health code violations.

Zhao says he rescued the turtle because he saw a man trying to get rid of it in the parking lot. Fearing for its life, he put it in the sink until he could release it, WHTM-TV reported.

He has now given the turtle to a friend.

Zhao says the restaurant has never been shut down under his management, although he acknowledges that it has been closed in the past for other health code violations.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.